Web development

I enjoy developing and designing websites. It started as a hobby for personal projects. My first website was hosted on the defunct Geocitiesa page about radical sports with wallpaper photos of wakeboarding and big-wave surfing.

But soon I began making websites with a greater purpose, such as educational campaigns, photographic exhibits, and outreach projects.

Most have something to do with science, marine biodiversity, or embryonic development. The one I’m most proud of is the marine biology image database Cifonauta.


Cifonauta website, one of my favorite websites.

An image database for marine biology with thousands of photos and videos of marine organisms. Made with Python and Django.

Vida, mar e muita história pra contar

vida, mar e muita história pra contar

Outreach exhibit about the origins of marine biodiversity, organized by the Center for Marine Biology of the University of São Paulo (CEBIMar-USP). Made with WordPress.

Oceano: vida escondida

Oceano: Vida Escondida_1249644483546

A photographic exhibit of minuscule and unknown marine organisms organized by the Center for Marine Biology of the University of São Paulo. Made with XHTML + CSS + Shell scripts.

Bolachas com água e sal

Bolachas » Fotos_1249645430645

Website about my master’s thesis with developmental images and videos of the famous sea biscuit. Made with WordPress.

Living Bibliography

Living Bibliography

Explore the latest bibliographic references of your favorite taxa. Read more at Living Bibliography.

Terra W Estúdio

Sobre o Estúdio_1249644505531

High-temperature ceramics studio led by Diane Cossermelli in São Paulo, Brazil. Made with WordPress.

Desertores da Escada


A collective of biologists blogging. Theme design with the help of André Kanamura. Made with WordPress.


OrgaNeLaS - Biologia_1249645066709

This website! Made with WordPress.

C.U.C.A. Coletiva

Campanha do Uso Consciente do Avental - Campanha do Uso Consciente do Avental_1249644743658

An educational campaign for the appropriate use of lab coats by healthcare workers. Made on GooglePages.