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The Science New Wave

The Science New Wave is a movement to reimagine science in the cinema. Its manifesto states:

Culture is Science. Science is Culture.
Diversity Feeds The Ecosystem.
Experiments Become Cinema.
Structure Dictates Function.
Science & Story Never Collide.
We are all messengers.

Traits from the Science New Wave manifesto.
Science New Wave

I learned about the Science New Wave from Alexis Gambis, a biologist who became a filmmaker. He has recently visited the MPI-CBG to talk about science in fiction and screen two of his feature films: The Fly Room and Son of Monarchs.

The talks and movies were inspiring. As a biologist working with flies, it was very entertaining to see the famous fly room of Thomas Hunt Morgan depicted in such a genuine way in The Fly Room. And as a scientist living abroad, the story of Son of Monarchs deeply resonated with me because I could see myself in many of the situations portrayed in the film.

Alexis has also created the Imagine Science Film Festival and Labocine, a platform for uniting scientists and artists. I now have a profile there and plan to upload some videos like A Sea Biscuit’s Life to join the Science New Wave.

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