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Is Lineus longissimus the longest animal on Earth?

Which is the longest animal on this planet? Last year the PeerJ journal published an article about the largest marine animals. The neat infographic accompanying their tweet immediately got my attention (if the figure is not showing up, check it in full resolution here): For a couple of milliseconds, I thought the scale bar below the […]

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Bryozoan life cycle

The BEST footage of bryozoan life cycle on the internet. Meet the coronate larva of Bugula neritina. Wow!

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Enigmatic echinoderms

I also here salute the echinoderms as a noble group especially designed to puzzle the zoologist. Book: The Invertebrates: Echinodermata (1955)Author: Libbie Henrietta HymanPage: Preface See more enigmatic echinoderms.