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A Sea Biscuit’s Life turns fifteen

When I was finishing my master’s thesis, I created a video to summarize my findings and posted it online. I wanted to share the wonderful things I saw under the microscope—cells dividing, tissues folding, embryos spinning, larvae metamorphosing, juveniles crawling between sand grains. But I also wanted to convey the thrill I felt, seeing these […]

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Krill Waves Radio 🦐

Currently listening to 2 Hours Of Squid 🦑 from the Krill Waves Radio by the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

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InverteFest December 2022

The InverteFest is here. A moment to celebrate the overlooked diversity of invertebrates around us. I’m re-posting a video I made for the Cifonauta account on Instagram showing different marine invertebrates moving around under the microscope. Enjoy! Invertebrate Gallery Check the gallery below to find out the identity of each marine invertebrate in the movie […]

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Introduction to Science Mastodon

After a first try back in 2020, I’ve recently migrated my account to my new social handle (@bruvellu) and started using Mastodon again. I’m excited about it. Migrating away from Twitter (and other corporate social silos) will be good for the web in general and for science communities in particular. Here’s my introduction to the […]

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Mitotic waves and gastrulation in a fly embryo

Last year I published a snapshot of a mitotic wave in a fruit fly embryo. Here’s the video of that same embryo going through cleavage (nuclei divisions) and gastrulation (cell movements): Mitotic waves What you see at the beginning of the movie are the cycles of synchronous nuclei divisions. They happen in waves from the […]

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Sea biscuits on Labocine

I’m pleased to announce that my short video A Sea Biscuit’s Life is now available on Labocine at The sea biscuits are joining the Science New Wave!

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The Science New Wave

The Science New Wave is a movement to reimagine science in the cinema. Its manifesto states: Culture is Science. Science is Culture.Diversity Feeds The Ecosystem.Experiments Become Cinema.Structure Dictates Function.Science & Story Never Collide.We are all messengers. Traits from the Science New Wave manifesto. I learned about the Science New Wave from Alexis Gambis, a biologist […]

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True Facts: Sea Stars

The latest True Facts about Sea Stars is unmissable. The video is filled with delightful echinoderm biology and even covers some recent discoveries on these enigmatic creatures. Watch it!

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ImageJ macro to synchronize and combine image stacks

When I film embryos under the microscope, some will be younger and some will be older than others—they are never in perfect synchrony. This is fine when watching the recordings of individual embryos, but becomes an issue when you want to watch two (or more) embryos developing side-by-side. In my case, I want to identify […]

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Convert video to animated GIF

Something I’m doing more often is converting videos of developing embryos or marine invertebrates to animated GIFs. But how can you do this conversion without affecting the quality of the video? Some time ago I found this guide to convert videos to high-quality animated GIFs using the tool FFmpeg. The trick is to generate a […]