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Goldfish evo-devo

Kinya Ota’s Lab investigates the embryonic development and evolutionary biology of goldfish. Their YouTube channel has a great diversity of videos describing laboratory techniques, culture conditions, developmental time lapses, and a lot more. I’ve seen a few videos about fertilization and embryos, but I just found out that they’re doing a series on goldfish evo-devo! […]

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Zebrafish laser eyes

Zebrafish embryo with laser eyes! A transgenic line for the gene Prox1 (orange) imaged with @zeiss_micro #embryo2017

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Turtles, embryos, and fossils

I wrote a text about the development and evolution of the turtle shell on The Node: Turtles in a nutshell. It shows the beginning of shell formation in embryos and how this can help us understand the evolution of such unique body pattern. 3D animations and fossils are included! Never thought I would post a […]