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This blog is now connected to the Fediverse. If you have a Mastodon account, you can see the new posts in your timeline. To follow, login to your Mastodon instance and search for @blog@brunovellutini. You should see something like this: The feature is still experimental. It works via the ActivityPub plugin from WordPress. In fact, […]

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EvoDevo Papers on Mastodon

Back in 2015, I created EvoDevo_Papers, an automated account that tweets the latest research papers in the field of evolutionary developmental biology (or evo-devo). I was inspired by the FlyPapers Experiment and the pioneers bots @fly_papers and @phy_papers. I wanted something similar for the evo-devo community to keep up with the literature and discover interesting […]

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Introduction to Science Mastodon

After a first try back in 2020, I’ve recently migrated my account to my new social handle (@bruvellu) and started using Mastodon again. I’m excited about it. Migrating away from Twitter (and other corporate social silos) will be good for the web in general and for science communities in particular. Here’s my introduction to the […]