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Cephalic furrow preLights

preLights is a (another) great initiative from The Company of Biologists where teams of scientists review and comment on preprints of interest for the biology community. I was delighted to hear that they were going to highlight our cephalic furrow preprint (Vellutini et al.) combined with the cephalic furrow preprint of Lemke and Wang labs […]

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Cephalic furrow thread

I published a cephalic furrow thread about our paper on Twitter and Mastodon. We recently updated the manuscript on bioRxiv. In addition to the tissue mechanics, this new version includes gene expression data comparing Drosophila with Clogmia, a fly that has no cephalic furrow… It gives us some hints about the patterning changes associated with […]

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Combinatorial Wnt landscape in Brachiopoda

Small note to say that our paper about the brachiopod Wnt landscape is now online on bioRxiv! Vellutini BC, Martín-Durán JM, Børve A, and Hejnol A (2023). Combinatorial Wnt signaling landscape during brachiopod anteroposterior patterning.

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Cephalic furrow on bioRxiv

Our paper about the function of the cephalic furrow in the fruit fly is ready and now available as a preprint in bioRxiv! To access: P. S. Apart from the poem The Great Divide, I didn’t write much about the cephalic furrow here. But this will change.