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Over the rainbow

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Confocal excitation

The pipetting marathon I went through the other day was worth it—the experiment worked! Now I get to image some exciting and colorful samples in the confocal microscope, and experience that thrill of seeing something for the first time, once again 🌈🔬

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The boring parts of science

Science is exciting, right? You explore, you experiment, you make discoveries. You see things for the first time! Science is fun. But, it also has its boring parts. Today, for example, I spent four hours pipetting, non-stop. 280 tubes. No robots, no multichannel pipette. Just manual labor. The pipetting marathon is for an experiment, which […]

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Chief Adjuah on Tiny Desk

Last week, we attended a concert at a local jazz bar, where the band performed the songs of Chief Adjuah (formerly Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah). I had not heard of him before. I’m currently listening to his complete discography, and enjoying it very much.

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The MeMoDEvo Symposium

Last week, I joined the MeMoDEvo Symposium in Paris. The name stands for Mechanics-Morphogenesis-Development-Evolution. And indeed, it was a great meeting about all of these things! The participants had quite diverse backgrounds. From biologists and physicists to computer scientists and engineers, as well as theorists and philosophers. During the mornings, we had “unconference” sessions where […]

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Mechanobiology conference

Mechanobiology investigates the role of physical forces in embryonic development. This week, the conference Mechanobiology in development and disease is happening in the EMBL Heidelberg. I’ll present my work on how the fold that divides the head from the trunk in Drosophila embryos—the cephalic furrow—may have an important mechanical role for gastrulation.

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Fly Station

Fly Station is ready for the #LNdWDD @mpicbg