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Mitotic waves and gastrulation in a fly embryo

Last year I published a snapshot of a mitotic wave in a fruit fly embryo. Here’s the video of that same embryo going through cleavage (nuclei divisions) and gastrulation (cell movements): Mitotic waves What you see at the beginning of the movie are the cycles of synchronous nuclei divisions. They happen in waves from the […]

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The Great Divide

Cephalic furrow the early foldDivides the embryo in one go.Pulling in on its ownDeep it sinks into the yolk. This great divide of tissue foldSplits the embryo in back and front.But why the furrow once it growsStretches flat and gone it goes? A fold that folds and then unfoldsLeave us wondering what’s the role.

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Fruit fly embryo under lightsheet microscopy

A short video that I made about the embryonic development of the likeable Drosophila, also known as fruit fly or vinegar fly, won an honorable mention in the Small World in Motion. The details on the techniques I used and the video on its full resolution are available for download and re-use on the Wikimedia […]