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Introduction to Science Mastodon

After a first try back in 2020, I’ve recently migrated my account to my new social handle (@bruvellu) and started using Mastodon again. I’m excited about it. Migrating away from Twitter (and other corporate social silos) will be good for the web in general and for science communities in particular. Here’s my introduction to the […]

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Mechanobiology conference

Mechanobiology investigates the role of physical forces in embryonic development. I’ll present my work on how the fold that divides the head from the trunk in Drosophila embryos—the cephalic furrow—may have an important mechanical role in gastrulation. The conference Mechanobiology in development and disease is happening in the EMBL Heidelberg.

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The Great Divide

Cephalic furrow the early foldDivides the embryo in one go.Pulling in on its ownDeep it sinks into the yolk. This great divide of tissue foldSplits the embryo in back and front.But why the furrow once it growsStretches flat and gone it goes? A fold that folds and then unfoldsLeave us wondering what’s the role.