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Larva de um braquiópode

Larva de um braquiópode Terebratalia transversa sob microscopia confocal.
Terebratalia transversa (Sowerby, 1846)
Óleo sobre tela
167.95 µm × 167.95 µm
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Histoire de la Thécidie

Another hunt for a historical work ended successfully at @BioDivLibrary :)

Histoire de la Thécidie
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Braquiópodes e arte japonesa

Morse 1902 - Observations on living Brachiopoda

I visited Japan solely for the purpose of studying the Brachiopoda of the Japanese seas, and this step led to my accepting the chair of zoology in the Imperial University at Tokyo. Gradually I was drawn away from my zoological work, into archaeological investigations, by the alluring problem of the ethnic affinities of the Japanese race. The fascinating character of Japanese art led to a study, first of the prehistoric and early pottery of the Japanese, and then to the collection and study of the fictile art of Japan. Inexorable fate finally entangled me for twenty years in a minute study of Japanese pottery. The results of this work are embodied in the Catalogue of Japanese Pottery, lately published by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. With this work off my hands, I turned back with eagerness to my early studies of the Brachiopoda (…) Japan is the home of the brachiopods.

Edward S. Morse, 1902. Observations on living Brachiopoda in Memoirs of the Boston Society of Natural History, 5(8): 313-386.

As citações são da página 313, 374 e da prancha 41.

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Coletando braquiópodos e microzoo

2013 09 19 10.22.24
Coletando braquiópodos de novo!
2013 09 21 14.31.45
MicroZoo do Sars no “dia da pesquisa científica”. Treinei meu noruego com as crianças.