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Improving Z-resolution of lightsheet data using CARE upsampling

After posting the first version of our cephalic furrow pre-print, I received an email asking for further technical details about using the CARE upsampling module to restore the Z-resolution of lightsheet datasets: I am curious about some details of your “Pre-patterned epithelial invagination prevents mechanical instability during fly gastrulation” paper. You mention that you trained […]

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Convert notes from Simplenote to Zim Desktop Wiki

Zim Desktop Wiki is my primary note-making software. I use it to take notes, organize my projects, manage daily and long-term tasks, grow a digital garden, keep a journal, and more. Zim is great for the desktop, but it lacks a mobile app. So I’ve been using Simplenote for saving notes on the go. The […]

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Denoising an old photomicrograph

Note: The denoising I describe in this post was done for artistic reasons and not for scientific purposes. For the proper methodology on image denoising, please follow the CARE paper. I wanted to denoise a twenty-year-old photomicrograph. It’s one of the first scientific images I created back in 2003. It’s so ancient that I used […]