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Blog posts are an invitation to interact. This usually happens in the comments section down below. But, posting public comments isn’t for everyone and it’s not the best option for every type of conversation. Often, a more direct and private response works better.

As an alternative to regular comments, I added a reply by email option to every post on this website. Now, you can start a conversation with a click. Just hit the “Reply by Email” link below and your email app will open a draft with the post’s title in the subject.

Reply by Email

Looking forward to hearing from you!

On the technical side, it was straightforward to implement. My blog runs WordPress (since 2007) and a Twenty Twenty child theme with a few modifications. For the “Reply by Email” option, I added the HTML below to the comments.php file, using _e() for the text translation and the_title_attribute() to fill in the title of the post.

<div id="email-reply">
    <h2 id="email-reply-title" class="comment-reply-title"><?php _e( 'Reply by', 'twentytwenty' ); ?> <a href="[Bruno C. Vellutini] <?php echo the_title_attribute(); ?>">Email</a></h2>

Reply by Email


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