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My PhD thesis in the blog post format

I wrote the introduction of my PhD thesis as a series of blog posts.

I miss blogging. I began in 2006 and did it quite actively until 2011—when my posting frequency declined. During my PhD I was still drafting several posts, but ended up only publishing a few. I missed the sharing of ideas and the open discussion that a blog post can give. And this is why I decided to write the introduction of my PhD thesis as a series of blog posts.

Now that I have defended my PhD, I’ll post some sections of the text here. The thesis is accessible at the Bergen Open Research Archive (BORA – UiB):

Bruno C. Vellutini PhD Thesis

Vellutini, B.C., 2016. Comparative development of spiralian larvae. The University of Bergen. Available at:

The first section is online. I’ll post the remaining in the coming weeks. Enjoy, comment, disagree, re-use, etc :)

  1. Endless larval forms most beautiful: what a larva is (also at The Winnower)
  2. Larvae as the epitome of evolution (also at The Winnower)
  3. Spiral cleavage, an oblique matter (also at The Winnower)
  4. Segmentation, a question of boundaries (also at The Winnower)

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