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The MeMoDEvo Symposium

Last week, I joined the MeMoDEvo Symposium in Paris. The name stands for Mechanics-Morphogenesis-Development-Evolution. And indeed, it was a great meeting about all of these things!

MeMoDEvo Symposium

The participants had quite diverse backgrounds. From biologists and physicists to computer scientists and engineers, as well as theorists and philosophers.

During the mornings, we had “unconference” sessions where we discussed in depth the interplay between mechanics and evolution, among other things. During the afternoons, there were talks where I presented my work about the development and evolution of the cephalic furrow in flies.

I enjoyed a lot the format and atmosphere. Thanks for the organizers who did a great job. It was one of the conference highlights of this year :)

Edit: You can read more about the MeMoDEvo conference in this post on The Node.

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