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Goldfish evo-devo

Kinya Ota’s Lab investigates the embryonic development and evolutionary biology of goldfish. Their YouTube channel has a great diversity of videos describing laboratory techniques, culture conditions, developmental time lapses, and a lot more. I’ve seen a few videos about fertilization and embryos, but I just found out that they’re doing a series on goldfish evo-devo!

Goldfish evo-devo genealogy.
Genealogy of ornamental goldfish. Image from Ota, K. G. (2021) Goldfish Development and Evolution. (Springer Nature Singapore). doi:10.1007/978-981-16-0850-6.

The videos are based on Ota’s book Goldfish Development and Evolution and are super informative for evo-devo and goldfish enthusiasts (like me). They touch upon the history of goldfish domestication and establishment of ornamental strains, their phylogenetic relationships and genomic traits, and the potential of goldfish as an experimental model to uncover the basis of morphological evolution.

Episode 01: History

Episode 02: Taxonomy, Phylogeny, and Genome

Episode 03: Goldfish as an Experimental Animal

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