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Cephalic furrow preLights

preLights is a (another) great initiative from The Company of Biologists where teams of scientists review and comment on preprints of interest for the biology community.

Cephalic furrow preLights cover image.

I was delighted to hear that they were going to highlight our cephalic furrow preprint (Vellutini et al.) combined with the cephalic furrow preprint of Lemke and Wang labs (Dey, Kaul, Kale et al.). Which is great since we submitted the papers back-to-back.

Led by Reinier Prosee, the preLighters Amanda Ivanoff, Jennifer Ann Black, Benjamin Dominik Maier, and Chee Kiang Ewe, reviewed the papers in journal club style, wrote comments, and asked follow-up questions about our works. We, the authors, had the chance to read them and write a response.

They raised excellent points! It’s great to get feedback and have a space to extend the discussion like that. Thanks, everyone!

You can read the entire review and responses at:

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