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Confocal excitation

The pipetting marathon I went through the other day was worth it—the experiment worked! Now I get to image some exciting and colorful samples in the confocal microscope, and experience that thrill of seeing something for the first time, once again 🌈🔬

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The boring parts of science

Science is exciting, right? You explore, you experiment, you make discoveries. You see things for the first time! Science is fun. But, it also has its boring parts. Today, for example, I spent four hours pipetting, non-stop. 280 tubes. No robots, no multichannel pipette. Just manual labor. The pipetting marathon is for an experiment, which […]

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Visualizing gene expression over developmental time

Visualizing the dynamics of gene expression patterns over time is a challenge. But this is a nice way.

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EvoDevo Papers, refactored

EvoDevo Papers is a bot that shares research articles in the field of evolutionary developmental biology (or evo-devo). Originally, I created it as a Twitter bot and everything was going well for years… until Twitter’s takeover. The new policies and API restrictions made it unsustainable to continue posting there. In response to that, I decided […]

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Cephalic furrow preLights

preLights is a (another) great initiative from The Company of Biologists where teams of scientists review and comment on preprints of interest for the biology community. I was delighted to hear that they were going to highlight our cephalic furrow preprint (Vellutini et al.) combined with the cephalic furrow preprint of Lemke and Wang labs […]

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A Sea Biscuit’s Life turns fifteen

When I was finishing my master’s thesis, I created a video to summarize my findings and posted it online. I wanted to share the wonderful things I saw under the microscope—cells dividing, tissues folding, embryos spinning, larvae metamorphosing, juveniles crawling between sand grains. But I also wanted to convey the thrill I felt, seeing these […]

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EvoDevo Papers on Mastodon

Back in 2015, I created EvoDevo_Papers, an automated account that tweets the latest research papers in the field of evolutionary developmental biology (or evo-devo). I was inspired by the FlyPapers Experiment and the pioneers bots @fly_papers and @phy_papers. I wanted something similar for the evo-devo community to keep up with the literature and discover interesting […]

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The MeMoDEvo Symposium

Last week, I joined the MeMoDEvo Symposium in Paris. The name stands for Mechanics-Morphogenesis-Development-Evolution. And indeed, it was a great meeting about all of these things! The participants had quite diverse backgrounds. From biologists and physicists to computer scientists and engineers, as well as theorists and philosophers. During the mornings, we had “unconference” sessions where […]

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Introduction to Science Mastodon

After a first try back in 2020, I’ve recently migrated my account to my new social handle (@bruvellu) and started using Mastodon again. I’m excited about it. Migrating away from Twitter (and other corporate social silos) will be good for the web in general and for science communities in particular. Here’s my introduction to the […]

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Sea biscuits on Labocine

I’m pleased to announce that my short video A Sea Biscuit’s Life is now available on Labocine at The sea biscuits are joining the Science New Wave!