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Brachiopod Wnt paper updated

Illustrations of wnt5 expression in the brachiopod Terebratalia transversa.
Schematic drawings of developmental stages of the brachiopod Terebratalia transversa showing the expression of wnt5 (beige). See the entire figure in the original paper.

I recently finished the revision of our paper about the Wnt signaling landscape in brachiopod development. This is work from my PhD time in the Hejnol Lab in Norway. We posted it on bioRxiv last September, and sent to a journal later that year. Following the reviewers’ feedback, we added new data, made significant improvements to the results and discussion. These include:

  • New in situ hybridization data for late blastula stages.
  • Germ layer information for expression domains.
  • Better spatial and temporal description with several additional figures.
  • Refocused discussion on a comparative angle, toning down functional speculations.

The new version is already on bioRxiv (same address):

Vellutini BC, Martín-Durán JM, Børve A, and Hejnol A (2023). Combinatorial Wnt signaling landscape during brachiopod anteroposterior patterning.

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