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A Sea Biscuit’s Life turns fifteen

When I was finishing my master’s thesis, I created a video to summarize my findings and posted it online.

I wanted to share the wonderful things I saw under the microscope—cells dividing, tissues folding, embryos spinning, larvae metamorphosing, juveniles crawling between sand grains.

But I also wanted to convey the thrill I felt, seeing these creatures so strange and beautiful for the first time in that marine station’s microscopy room.

More than a year before the actual paper was published, I released “A Sea Biscuit’s Life”. The video went “viral”.

As a young scientist, this was a turning point because it taught me a way to reach people and, most importantly, that people are reachable.

Now, it’s been fifteen years since this epiphany. Watching it again after all this time, and it still tickles.

If you haven’t watched it, put some headphones on:

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