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Reply by Email

Blog posts are an invitation to interact. This usually happens in the comments section down below. But, posting public comments isn’t for everyone and it’s not the best option for every type of conversation. Often, a more direct and private response works better. As an alternative to regular comments, I added a reply by email […]

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Goldfish evo-devo

Kinya Ota’s Lab investigates the embryonic development and evolutionary biology of goldfish. Their YouTube channel has a great diversity of videos describing laboratory techniques, culture conditions, developmental time lapses, and a lot more. I’ve seen a few videos about fertilization and embryos, but I just found out that they’re doing a series on goldfish evo-devo! […]

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Cephalic furrow preLights

preLights is a (another) great initiative from The Company of Biologists where teams of scientists review and comment on preprints of interest for the biology community. I was delighted to hear that they were going to highlight our cephalic furrow preprint (Vellutini et al.) combined with the cephalic furrow preprint of Lemke and Wang labs […]