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InverteFest December 2022

The InverteFest is here. A moment to celebrate the overlooked diversity of invertebrates around us. I’m re-posting a video I made for the Cifonauta account on Instagram showing different marine invertebrates moving around under the microscope. Enjoy! Invertebrate Gallery Check the gallery below to find out the identity of each marine invertebrate in the movie […]

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EvoDevo Papers on Mastodon

Back in 2015, I created EvoDevo_Papers, an automated account that tweets the latest research papers in the field of evolutionary developmental biology (or evo-devo). I was inspired by the FlyPapers Experiment and the pioneers bots @fly_papers and @phy_papers. I wanted something similar for the evo-devo community to keep up with the literature and discover interesting […]

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The MeMoDEvo Symposium

Last week, I joined the MeMoDEvo Symposium in Paris. The name stands for Mechanics-Morphogenesis-Development-Evolution. And indeed, it was a great meeting about all of these things! The participants had quite diverse backgrounds. From biologists and physicists to computer scientists and engineers, as well as theorists and philosophers. During the mornings, we had “unconference” sessions where […]