A Sea Biscuit’s Life

Sea biscuits undergo dramatic changes throughout their lives. This is a video abstract for the research published at 10.1371/journal.pone.0009654.

Mitotic Waves

Fly embryos are special, they undergo a series of mesmerizing cycles of nuclei divisions in a syncytium before forming actual cells and gastrulating.

Second Division

Watching embryonic cells dividing is breathtaking. This is a sea biscuit embryo during its second cell division, from two to four cells.

Nemertean Hunting

Nemerteans are fierce predators. But do they learn to hunt? We raised these toddlers in the lab, and filmed their first tries at 10.1186/s13227-015-0023-5.

The Bootlace Worm

Lineus longissimus, the bootlace worm, is the longest animal in the world. How many annelid worms it can eat in a row?

Dream Sequence

Video clip I created for the song Dream Sequence from Professor Kliq using the sea biscuit footage I generated during my MSc thesis.

Bryozoan Embryos

Bryozoans, or moss animals, are tiny but live everywhere. I followed every cell of their embryos to learn about evolution. See more at 10.1186/s12915-017-0371-9.

Fly Embryo Multiview

Filming living embryos is a challenge. They are fragile and even light can be toxic. Lightsheet microscopy is gentler and allows for fast multi-view imaging.


Germband is my solo project of biology-inspired, bass-oriented electronic music.

The Pluteus Trip

The Pluteus Trip is a music compilation inspired by the outlandish lives of echinoderm pluteus larvae.


Cifonauta flashcard

Cifonauta is an image database featuring thousands of annotated photos and videos of marine organisms.

Ocean: hidden life


Ocean: hidden life is a website and an itinerant photographic exhibit of exquisite marine organisms, revealing the outstanding biodiversity of our oceans.