Organelle Origins

Dear Listener,

Organelle Origins is an album in retrospect. I crafted the songs between 2006 and 2008. For the first time, I was composing exclusively on the computer, customizing every instrument and beat. It was an exciting and creative period for me to experiment with various styles and rhythms. The album features brief game-like melodies, groovy bass-oriented tracks, and extended minimalist soundscapes. Each song represents a critical biological concept or process in my research area. While I was consolidating my research interests as a scientist, I established the germ of my musical identity through the album Organelle Origins. I hope you find something you like.

Yours, Germband.

Released April 23, 2023

Music and SciArt: Bruno Vellutini.

Cover: A multinucleated phagocytic amoebocyte on a glass coverslip. That’s a “blood” cell from a sea urchin (a marine creature full of spines). These cells are capable of fusing with other cells to defend the animal against pathogens. Inside the cytoplasm of this giant syncytial cell, we can see three nuclei (larger oval bluish structures) and a constellation of organelles in between (smaller round bright or dark spots). The evolutionary origins of organelles remain one of the most fascinating topics in biology.