Music is a big part of my life. I enjoy listening, studying, and composing music. I play the bass guitar and make songs using the computer. Many years ago, I was in a band and performed live. Now, I’m mostly recording on my own.

Bruno C. Vellutini · OrgaNeLaS Records


Aygan is my dear rock band where I played bass until the end of 2011. Our sound is a mixture of hard rock, heavy metal, and progressive rock with a good dose of groove. We released our first and only album Plastic City in 2010. The album was officially released with a live concert in the Fúria Festival together with André Matos and Sepultura in the HSBC Brasil. Listen to Plastic City on Spotify or Bandcamp!

Band members: Vitor Rodrigues (drums), Marcelo Lane (vocals and guitar), Bruno Vellutini (bass), Rodrigo Curvo (guitar).

We also recorded a videoclip for the song From the fire: